We are a professional distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment from many leading brands that are recognized internationally. With full production and design services.

Bernuly Supply (1994) Co., Ltd.

Looking for a comprehensive hydraulic and pneumatic partner? We offer a complete solution, from top-brand product sales (cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, etc.) to in-house design and manufacturing using modern, ISO 9001:2015 certified machinery. Our expert engineers deliver exceptional custom system design and production, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. But that’s not all! We provide reliable repair and inspection services to keep your hydraulic and pneumatic systems running smoothly.

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We handle everything from product selection to post-sale support, offering leading brands for all your hydraulic and pneumatic needs.

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Our experienced engineers have been serving the Hydraulic & Pneumatic industry since 1992, ready to assist you throughout your entire project. Let our experience guide your project.

Experience Confidence Worldwide

Ensuring top-tier quality across global products, we source only hydraulic and pneumatic equipment from top brands, guaranteeing international quality standards.

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Our product database boosts your confidence at every step. Minimize errors and maximize efficiency with our streamlined inventory and product management, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Essential for Every Ride: Hydraulic Systems in Cars, Trucks, and Off-Road Vehicles.

Throughout the history of automotive development, hydraulic systems have played a crucial role in vehicle engineering, including braking and transmission systems, as well as suspension systems. Specialized functions for both road-going vehicles and off-road vehicles such as tractors, agricultural machinery, and military vehicles utilize hydraulic power.

Boosting Agricultural Efficiency: Essential Hydraulic Solutions for Farms Worldwide.

Hydraulic components and systems used in commercial agriculture worldwide are vital for crop production and livestock management. Efficient agricultural operations heavily rely on these components and systems to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Powering Maritime Efficiency: Precision Hydraulic Solutions for Ships & Cargo.

Hydraulics play a vital role in the transportation industry, including a variety of machinery for ship propulsion, cargo handling operations, and vessel safety. Hydraulic technology, known for its precision and high accuracy, is utilized in controlling main engines and propulsion systems.

Optimizing Horticultural Tasks: Powerful Hydraulic Solutions for Landscapers & Growers.

Another significant user of hydraulic machinery is the horticulture industry. Equipment such as loaders and tillers are often used to move soil and cover crops, while excavations for landscaping and other installations involve digging into the ground to various depths for planting and other purposes.

Powering Construction Efficiency: Hydraulic Solutions for Every Project, Big or Small.

Hydraulic equipment of various types is always present in construction sites. Backhoes and excavators, which use hydraulic power, handle large-scale projects that may seem minor. Even the small and flexible arms of giant machinery are powered by hydraulic systems to enable workers to complete tasks efficiently, often taking several weeks to finish. Even small tools like jackhammers are examples of hydraulics in action.

Your Reliable Partner for Power Generation: Hydraulic Solutions Across Industries.

Hydraulics play several roles in the hydraulic-electric power industry to generate electricity. Instantaneous hydraulic operations for opening and closing gates in hydroelectric power plants are essential.

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Bernuly Supply – Your Trusted Partner for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Solutions

We are not only the largest supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in Thailand, but we also provide design and manufacturing services for hydraulic cylinders, Subplates, and Power Units. Our products and services are trusted across the region and adhere to international standards. With extensive experience since 1992 and deep industry knowledge, our expert engineering team ensures precision and reliability in every project, enhanced by our advanced database management system.

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