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About Bernuly

We are a leader and the largest supplier in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment among another importers.
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Our story began in 1992 in the name of Hydromatic that was established by Mr. Vichai Payuhavorakulchai. A couple of years later (1994), Mr. Vichai foresee the chance of being one of the biggest hydraulics and pneumatics equipment suppliers in Thailand. The company name was renamed to Bernuly Supply (1994) Co., LTD and in few years Bernuly Supply became one of the largest hydraulics and pneumatics equipment suppliers in Thailand.

What we do

We are a distributor of global well-known brands such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Moreover, we are a one-stop-shop where customers could get everything they need for their hydraulic application by drop by our company.

More than 400 customers that we continuously care

Relying on a strong network of distributors, we can reach our customers virtually anywhere and with the same response in terms of product availability and support. Since our company is located in the center of Bangkok.

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Building a strong culture at Bernuly

Listen. Speak. Share.

Collaborative working enables us go further and faster. The key to do that is to communicate proactively.

Learn and grow.

Learn from everything around you both successes and mistakes. Grow from on-the-the-job and beyond-the-job experiences.

Create an Impact.

Be empowered to think and differently to impact change.

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